Costa del Sol Media Center

Light-years ahead

Finnish southernmost production center offers comprehensive media services for your company or operations.

Welcome to Costa del Sol Media Center

CSMC (ARMK in Finnish) is a studio and media production unit operating on a commercial basis.

We offer modern tools for companies both in Finland and on Costa del Sol at a reasonable price.


Sony FX9, Sony PXW-Z280 (2 pcs)
VMix streaming mixer
Sony 4K AX100, Sony 4K AX700
Blackmagic 6K Pocket Panasonic 4K HC-X1000 Sony 4K A7R2, Sony 4K A9
Multiple HD-SDI cameras
Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro field image mixer Sony FE lenses 10-600mm
Chroma background and virtual studio.
eg. Godox S30 (6 pcs), calculators, spots, etc.
FCPX platform
DJI stabilizers, Drone Mavick Pro 2, Drone Mavick Mini, stabilizers e.g. Osmo Pocket

Studio at Centro Finlandia is easily transformable, making it easy to build a world that looks like any business. For example, local businesses have the opportunity to produce quality marketing videos.

For drone filming, we have open class permits and all insurances needed.

“Great co-operation between the people at Costa del Sol Media Center”
Antti Pekkarinen,



Avid Pro Tools / DSP / HDX
Visycom 6-channel wireless microphone system
Avid C24 sound table with accessories
Genelec 8050 master speakers
SoundDevices field recording equipment (multi-track) Sennheiser wireless microphones

Many Finnish tv programs (e.g. Maajussille morsian, Rantabaari, Remonttipiiskuri) will be finalized in terms of sound in Fuengirola. Why not even Salatut elämät or Tähdet Tähdet program soundtracks could sometimes be done here? The technology is the same as in Finland and functional connections allow location-independent production.

“Flexible staff provided a good setting and a relaxed work atmosphere.”
Henry Aflecht, Radio Finlandia


Photographic equipment
Sony A7r2
Sony A9
Broncolor 800 flash

Costa del Sol Media Center has professional photography studio services. The studio has a variety of background boards and is just 100 meters from the Mediterranean beach with its palm trees.

”Creativity knows no boundaries and the possibilities are endless.”
Pekko Simonsuuri, Transmix Oy


“Working under a palm tree gives extra power.”
Raija Kurkola, Radio Finlandia

In co-operation with:
Online media has been serving coastal Finns since 2007, both online and in paper form.

Radio Finlandia
The only FM radio on Costa del Sol
Radio Finlandia has provided information on local events and phenomena for 30 years. At 102.6 MHz 24/7.

Transmix Oy
Founded in 1995, the recording service company offers mobile recording services as well as sound studio services for audio post-processing with state-of-the-art equipment and personnel.

Costa del Sol Media Center

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00

Centro Finlandia
Calle Oliva 3 N
29640 Fuengirola


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